Config usage
Usage and examples of c!config command
Settings and their value description/type
  • Prefix: String - The prefix of the bot. (prefix)(command) (params)
  • StaffRole: roleMention - If you want the bot to grant mod-perms
  • AutoJoinRole: roleMention - If you want the bot to add a role to a user when he/she joins the server.
  • WelcomeChannel: channelMention - The channel where the bot should welcome new people if you want it to.
  • WelcomeMessage: String - If you want to make a custom join welcome message. You can use variables like {{user}} and {{}} to get mention or name of user.
If you don't want the bot to do a specific task, You can disable it by putting disable as the value of the setting.

View the settings


Configure the settings

c!config <setting> <value>
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